Monsoon 2018: 5 Effective Ways to Keep Your House Clean and Fresh This Rainy Season 

While the monsoons are perhaps the most romantic, dreamy and cosy of all the seasons, it is also unfortunately the slushiest and dirtiest of them all. Not just you but even your homes need to be taken care of, during this season. Rains instantly give us the picture of muddy footprints on the floor, damp walls, leaky ceilings and pest infested rooms, which certainly don't paint a pretty picture. Needless to say, your heavenly abodes need to be effectively primped and preened. 

Here are 5 ways to keep your house clean and dry this monsoon 

1. Protect your roof and walls from leaks: 

Monsoons can be a nightmare for those whose house roofs and walls have a crack. This could result in instant dampness, which can further become a breeding ground for fungus and moss. So what can we do to prevent that, you ask? Paint the walls with a water proof coat. Additionally, take a close look at the rain pipes for blockages so that the water doesn't stagnate and flows from the roof to the ground instead. 

2. Take care of your wooden furniture: 

Keep all your wooden furniture away from the doors and windows. If you are planning on buying wooden furniture, hold on to your plans till the monsoons get over. Moreover, make use of naphthalene balls to keep clothes fresh and absorb the moisture. You can also opt for cloves and neem leaves to keep amidst clothes and cupboard drawers to keep dampness and silver fish away respectively. 

3. Getting a pest control done pre and post the monsoon season: 

No one likes to see insects crawling around the house. However, the chances of having your homes infested with pests and insects during the monsoon season are relatively high. They find their way inside your homes through drainage inlets/outlets or any other holes/cracks in the wall or flooring. This could further increase the chances of diseases given that the insects bring with them bacteria that can make you ill. Thus, make sure that your floors are properly wiped and walls efficiently swept. Special care needs to be taken towards keeping the washrooms/toilets and kitchens clean. Avoid pest infestations by keeping your house clean and dry. 

4.  Pet owners need to take special care of their beloved pets

If you have pets, you know that it is important to take them out periodically. However, taking them out that often means, making sure they are clean before they re-enter the house. Pets are carriers of germs, so it is your responsibility to ensure that they are clean and dry always. If bathing them that often is not permissible, devise a plan that will enable you to engage them indoors more this season. Come up with alternative ways such as stationing litter boxes at home to help them relieve themselves than having them step out. 

5. Ensure the house doesn't stink

The humid and damp weather during the rainy season often causes the house to stink. The primary reason behind this is that, one keeps the doors and windows shut most of the time during the monsoon. Moreover, the sun isn't that strong to take away the excess moisture in the atmosphere, resulting in the feeling of constant stickiness and suffocation. While it is advisable to keep the rooms dry and airy, enabling proper ventilation at all times, there are also some natural ingredients (such as lemon, baking soda and the like) that will help keep the house fresh and odour free. 

It is essential to keep the home clean during the monsoons as it is imperative for the health and hygiene of the entire family. With these simple and effective hacks, you'll not only be able to maintain personal health and hygiene but also enjoy the season with your loved ones, which is also known to be quite pleasant, romantic and melancholic.