Troubled By Pest Infestation? Blindly Follow These 5 Steps to Ensure They're Out of Your Homes

Encountering a rodent, cockroach or any other creepy crawly insect in your home, can be your worst nightmare. Don't you think? The spotting of a single insect/pest in your home can be indicative of a bigger problem. While it's always easy and convenient to book a pest control service, one can follow a few simple steps to prevent pests from investing his/her homes. Consider these 5 measures, if you find yourself in this unfortunate position.

1. Ensure proper storage of food and cleanliness of the kitchen

Rodents, ants, cockroaches, flour moths and slugs are attracted to your homes, courtesy the food remains in your kitchen.Thus, it goes without saying that one must wipe down kitchen surfaces, instantly clean up spilt food or discard uneaten pet food to ward off pests and other insects. Also, ensure that food is stored in air tight containers. Given that pests can easily enter cardboard boxes, make sure that the food is packed in either ziplock bags or air tight boxes.

2. Ensure that the drains are clear

If you don't want unwanted visitors at home, make sure that the kitchen and bathroom drains are clear. Ensure that the kitchen sink drainage is particularly clear of all left-over foods. If not, then pour half a cup of baking soda along with half a cup of vinegar down the drain. Five minutes thereafter, pour some hot water down the drain. Viola! You'll get a clean kitchen drain and eventually no pests.

3. Seal holes or any possible gaps in doors and windows

During the day, slugs and cockroaches hide out in the dark and damp gaps of your doors and windows and venture out into our homes only at night. Seal and block all the gaps around the doors, windows and other ways to your home. This will prevent their nocturnal wanderings. If there are any gaps beneath or on top of the sink, immediately block them as many pests use them to reach out to a water source. If any opening cannot be filled, then specialist screens or vents should be installed to ensure that the pests never enter home. One must make sure that these screens should fit properly and must be repaired and replaced from time to time.

4Dispose off the waste regularly

Ensure that both your wet and dry garbage bins are closed tightly as pets can feed over the left over food and litter the place furthermore. Also care should be taken to see that bins are kept away from any entrance in order to prevent the bugs, slugs and pests to enter your homes. If there is any litter around your home, it should be done away with immediately. 

5.  Schedule regular inspections and seasonal checks.

If your house is not infested with pests or you're not aware of it, it is still important that you have a professional pest control service man inspect your home every once in a while. You can also ask him about potential problems with termites, rodents or bed bugs. Rodents, in particular, seek shelter during winter and it is therefore very important for people to check their homes for areas and corners that are more prone to such tiny animals. Whether it is a small hole in the roof or a tiny crack in the foundation of your house, animals like squirrels, mice and the like will find their way into your heavenly abode. 

So if you don't want your personal space to be attacked by pests and rodents, ensure you follow the aforementioned steps diligently. Also keep your house dry all the time as dampness attracts pests and insects.