Is Your Sofa Clean? Try Out These 5 Ways to Give it a Brand New Look Every Single Day

We don't realise that a sofa is an integral part of not only our homes but our lives as well. It is a lucrative investment, as we lose count of the number of hours we spend in a day, lounging on it. Needless to say, it is our responsibility to maintain it well, and the best way to do so is by ensuring it's cleaned regularly. 

Sofas get dirty quite often. We may either drop food crumbs while eating or spill drinks on them. If we have pets, then there's a high chance that we may find their hair or dirty paw marks all over the surface of these sturdy pieces of furniture. Before we get into the ways of keeping our sofa sets clean, lets first find out why is it necessary to clean our sofa sets daily. 

Why should sofas be cleaned regularly?

1. Neat and tidy appearance: Who doesn't want to return to a house that's kept neat and tidy? Maintaining the appearance of your sofa will always be the main reason behind keeping it perpetually clean. By cleaning your furniture regularly, you'll be able to prevent dirt and grime from accumulating on it, and this will in turn ensure that your sofa set looks good and lasts longer.

2.  The Quality of the Atmosphere : People usually overlook the fact that an unclean furniture upholstery can pollute the air quality in the home. Regular cleaning of the sofa will ensure that problems like mold, dust, mildew and other allergies are kept at bay. This way, you will be prevented from developing breathing issues.

3. Health and hygiene : If you fail to keep the sofa upholstery clean all the time, don't be surprised if you find, fleas, mold and bacteria making themselves comfortable in your peaceful haven without you even coming to know about the same. If too much of dirt and pathogens accumulate on your furniture, you and your family will stand the risk of falling sick. Not only will bacteria settle deep into your furniture, it will also give rise to an unpleasant odour. The best way to avoid all this mess is by ensuring your furniture is cleaned up regularly. 

5 Ways to Keep Your Sofa Clean

Vacuum before you start deep-cleaning :  If there are any surface debris or particles on the surface of your sofa, you would want to remove them, before getting into the deep-cleaning part of the cleaning and maintenance process. Use a dust-buster or a hose attachment on a full-sized vacuum cleaner to clean the sofa. This way, you will be able to clean the crevices of the furniture, and surfaces of the cushions as well.

 Use all-purpose surface cleaner for exposed parts :

You will find exposed wood or other material in most sofas and you cannot afford to neglect them in your cleaning process. The best way to go about cleaning it, would be to find a cleaning product that's apt for the surface you wish to clean. Best would be to find an all-purpose surface cleaner in such cases. Spray into a piece of cloth or a paper towel and rub over the surface that needs to be cleaned. 

Make use of a bristle brush for heavy stains: This should be done if and when you notice heavy dust or dirt spots. Make sure that you vigorously rub the spots, but not to an extent that you end up damaging the fabric of the sofa. 

Use a lint remover : More often than not, your vacuum cleaner will not be able to remove lint or pet hair. In that case, use a lint roller to do what your average vacuum cleaner can't.

Wash the fabric of the sofa according to instructions : Usually your sofa fabric will come with a tag that will tell you what it is made up of. These tags usually contain instructions that tell you what cleaning products should be used. For instance, WS means use either a water-based detergent with a steam vacuum or a dry cleaning detergent, while W means to use a water-based detergent with a steam vacuum, so on and so forth. Religiously follow the instructions. If you fail to do so, you could damage the fabric.

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