5 Reasons why you should clean your mattress on a regular basis

Irrespective of how well kept your home is, if you fail to keep your mattress clean, it can single-handedly ruin the indoor air quality. Our bodies shed nearly a gram of skin and produce about half a litre of sweat every night, and thus if your mattress isn't cleaned daily, it'll easily become the breeding ground for fungal spores, dust mites and bacteria that'll thrive and feed on your shed skin.  Well, we bring to you other reasons why it's absolutely necessary to clean your mattress daily. 

Dust mites and their impact on your health

For the uninitiated, an average mattress is the abode to not less than 2 million dust mites. Now isn't that disgusting? Thus, needless to say, your mattress is perhaps the dirtiest thing you possess in your home, which must be cleaned from time to time. Moreover, this can also be quite detrimental to your health as you spend at least 7-8 hours every night on an average in full contact with your mattress, breathing in whatever is there in it. If our mattress in unclean, just imagine the damage it could do to your health. 

 To Get rid of Bed bugs

Bed bugs are disgusting and if you think you have these unwanted creatures in your home then it is essential that you call in the professionals. They are difficult to get rid of, once they start living in your bed and you'll need to call for professional help immediately.

Keeps various sources of indoor air pollution at bay

There are various sources of indoor air pollution such as paint, smoke, glue and other biological contaminants such as cockroaches, mildew, pollen, viruses, mold and pet dander. Like mentioned above, our body produces a lot of sweat, oil and sheds a large amount of skin, when we sleep, and that's why it is necessary to clean our mattresses from time to time to keep the contaminants at bay.

Improves overall look, comfort and feel of the house

By cleaning your mattress from time to time, you can improve the overall look of your bedroom, Ensure to clean and change the bed cover often, so that your bedroom looks beautiful, and clean. Another reason why people like to keep their mattresses clean, is because it's human tendency to feel comfortable when they live in a clean and neat bedroom. People will like to visit a home when it's kept clean. It is thus very important to keep every aspect of the house clean to better the comfort level of one's home. 

Lessen allergic reactions in your families and avoid skin problems

Some members in your family, including you, may have some allergic reactions to some impurities, such as pollen or dust. Some may even develop skin problems due to the same. For that it is necessary to clean your house thoroughly, particularly your mattress. 

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