5 Ways to Maintain Your Wooden Furniture During Monsoons

While monsoons are all about cosying up in the bed for a little longer, having piping hot tea/hot chocolate with fried snacks or enjoying some romantic time with loved ones, it is also quite a nightmare for those who like to keep their homes prim and proper all the time. Well, the rains can wreck quite a havoc for those who have wooden furniture at home as the moisture in the atmosphere can damage it to a great extent. So, here are 5 tips for maintaining your wooden furniture during monsoons. 


Avoid Moisture, Save Wooden Furniture


To prevent dust from accumulating on your wooden furniture, make use of a dry cloth instead of a damp one. Moisture gets absorbed by dust which can cause the wood to soften. 


Maintain distance from windows


Ensure that your wooden furniture is stationed far away from the doors and windows of your home as they stand a chance of coming in contact with the moisture in the atmosphere, causing them to lose their luster, polish and shine.


Use DIY Methods to keep your wooden furniture dry and pest free


Best way to absorb moisture off your wooden furniture is to place camphor or naphthalene balls in them. Not only do they keep termites at bay, they also keep your clothes fresh in the cupboard. You can also put neem leaves and cloves. 


Oil and wax your furniture from time to time :


By oiling and waxing your furniture, especially your wooden doors, from time to time, you will be able to control the moisture absorption, preventing the doors and other furniture to expand and spoil.


Use a de-humidifier in your room :


Using a dehumidifier in your room will keep the unwanted moisture at bay and prevent moulds from forming on your wooden furniture.