Planning to Move Into A New Home This Monsoon? Here Are 10 Things You Should Keep In Mind

Monsoons is usually not an ideal time for people to move into a new home. However, many real estate agents and property experts' opinions about the same are quite contrary to the popular belief. They believe that moving during this season gives people a better idea about the quality of construction and other ambiguities related to the place in hand. Besides, one will also be able to gauge the different kind of problems one encounters on moving to a new place well in time. However, here are a few things that one must check whilst shifting during monsoons. 


1) Drainage system : One must make sure that the there is a proper drainage system in place so that the rainwater doesn't get collected. Moreover there should be no clogging in the drains as this could turn out to be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and insects. 


2) Parking : The new place must have a designated parking spot as the roads are often water logged and covered with potholes during the rainy season. Moreover, if it is a covered spot such as the basement are, it is all the more conducive during this season. 


3) Electrical connections : Ensure that all the electrical connections are in place as water entering the electrical sockets can result in short circuit or even fire. 


4.)  Doors and windows : It is also imperative to check that the doors and windows in the house are of good quality as those made of wood stand the chance of swelling up during the monsoons. 


5.) Paint and refurbish : Ensure that the rooms in the house is properly painted without any cracks. It is better to use water proof paint for the building walls. However, if you wish to re-paint the house, it is advisable to wait till the end of monsoons. 


6.) Pest control : Monsoons is also the time when the house is infested with bugs and insects. It is therefore advisable to get a pest control done in the house before moving.


7.) Nearby locality : If the locality in which your new house is situated is in a low lying area, there are high chances of it flooding up. Moreover, if your house is in the ground floor, then there is a huge possibility of the rainwater entering you inside your homes. 


8.Look out for seepage :  Ensure that there are no signs of seepage in the new home, particularly in the corners and walls. If your new home is in an old building then rainwater can fasten the corrosion. 


9.) Ventilation : It is also necessary to ensure that the place you are moving into, has adequate sunlight and a good circulation of air. Also ensure that the cupboards and drawers are opened in order to let the air circulate inside them before moving your belongings inside. 


10.) Appointment of a professional movers and packers team  : A professional movers and packers team will make sure that your move is smooth and hassle free. After all we all lead hectic lives and find it difficult to get started on the packing process. A good and professional team will make sure you don't worry about it. If you're looking for one such team, or need a demo, visit