Here's Why You Need to Call a Plumber ASAP This Monsoon

Here's Why You Need to Call a Plumber ASAP This Monsoon



Perhaps you're contented knowing that your pipes and drains are in perfect working condition and that there are no leakages whatsoever, in your homes, but are you absolutely certain that it won't be impacted by any external force such as the rain? During and after torrential rains, plumbing problems do resurface. While municipal sewer systems are constructed in such a way that they can easily take the surplus water away from your homes, they too have their limitations. If the rate at which the rain is falling is too much for the sewage system to handle, the repercussions can be quite unnerving. Well, we bring to you the potential issues that you could face during monsoons. Read on...


1)  An overflowing septic tank


Torrential rainfall is likely to cause flooding issues if you have a septic system at your place. This could lead to some serious issues, which you will then require to address asap. The soil surrounding the tank stands a risk of becoming saturated due to it flooding up, which could further raise the pressure back on the tank. The wastewater from the drain field that backs your septic tank will go back through the pipes into it, failing to find no other place to go, and this in turn will defeat the entire purpose of having a system like that. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, you must call your plumber immediately and ask him to carry out some additional pumping, failing which you stand a risk of facing certain limitations until the drain field completely dries out.



2) Basement Flood


At a time of heavy rainfall, if you have window wells that are prone to filling up easily or if your house is stationed on an uneven ground with a weak drainage system, then there are high chances of your home's basement getting flooded. If your basement gets flooded, the wooden furniture stored there can rot, courtesy the mould that will thus grow on them. Not just that, it will take several months to clean up and repair the damage caused due to the unfortunate flooding situation. If you find yourself in this situation, you may consider calling a plumber to get a sump pump installed in order to aid in reducing the damage when heavy rainfall wrecks a havoc at your home sweet home.


3) Clogging of drains resulting in sewer backup


More often than not, the reason why your respective home's sewer line is backed up after a bout of heavy rain is because your city's sewer is in the same condition. In such situations, there is nothing that you can really do except wait for the rains to stop. In this case, however, a dehumidifier or a wet vaccum can be of some assistance to clean things up. However, you may require additional repairs that too those that are much extensive. This is when you call a plumber for his professional assistance. Meanwhile, also ensure that if you are having a sewer backup issue and if there is a chance of a live electrical current flowing, use your wisdom and exercise caution.


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